Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Appointment of Senior Counsel in Victoria for 2012

The Chief Justice Marilyn Warren AC has announced the appointment of Senior Counsel in Victoria for 2012. The list is as follows:

Trevor Stanley Monti
Suzanne Bridget McNicol
Peter George Sest
Aileen Mary Ryan
Christopher William Beale
George Anthony Georgiou
Mark Andrew Robins
Benjamin Andrew Shnookal
Philip David Corbett
Michael Grant Roberts
Alistair Neill Murdoch
Nicholas Pane
Nicholas David Hopkins
Carolyn Hayley Sparke
Kevin Joseph Aloysius Lyons
Edvard William Alstergren
Andrew David Clements
Adrian John Finanzio
Bernard Francis Quinn
Saul Conrad Holt

Congratulations to all of those Counsel in 2012 that have been appointed Senior Counsel!

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